Our provision is set to provide a safe and homely living environment for a group of up to 4 young people. The smaller setting allows our young people to receive targeted support and close supervision, ensuring the young people feel heard and a sense of belonging.

Each young person is given their own bedroom (single occupancy) access to shared communal areas and house routines/expectations; they are also given their own support package tailored to their needs.

MASLOW offers up to 24-hour on-site staff support.

After MASLOW Placement

The staff team acknowledges that their relationship with the young persons does not necessarily end when they move on into the community, to a family or independent accommodation. A bespoke plan of support and contact from MASLOW can be offered as required following the end of the MASLOW placement, as part of the transition plan, this further transitional step can be less dramatic and daunting for the young person to make.

We work alongside other professionals to deliver targeted support to young people. These include counselling/1:1 emotional support sessions, private 1:1 tutoring to support with GCSEs, college exams etc, mentoring, workshops and awareness training around CSE, CCE, Gang affiliation, extremism and drugs. We are also able to provide mental health support tailored to meet individual needs.